Write and Get Paid Instantly in Ghana

Write and Get Paid Instantly in Ghana | Get paid through MOMO instantly

Are you a blogger or a story writer who is looking for website that will pay you for writing articles for them in Ghana? Then you are at the right place. Today, I will be exposing website that will pay you for writing articles for them and get paid instantly. Please after reading this article kindly share with your friends and families to get access. I do post jobs, how to make money online, movies and reviews so you can come Myafricaweb for valuable content. The good news is that all these websites will be paying you for writing articles for them through mobile money, Tigo cash, Vodafone cash and bank payment method. This means that you can get your payment at a fast rate. Without wasting much time let start making money through article writing. Please finish reading the article before you start to apply.

5 Best Write and get paid instantly in Ghana

1. Opera News:

Many of you have heard of Opera news and what they do offer. Opera news is one of the largest news websites in the world. They have over thousands of authors in Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt and many more. Many of the youth do not know that they can make money from opera news while writing for them. Do not worry at all because I am going to show you step by step on how to register this platform and start gaining some money from it.

Steps for registering Opera News

1. Make sure you have internet access on your phone or laptop

2. Search for Opera News Hub or Click here to sign up

3. You can choose to use your Facebook account or Gmail account to sign up

4. Enter your details with a Valid ID card (Required)

5. After you are done, wait for your account to be verified. This verification takes about 24 hours or more in some cases.

6. After you are verified, you can start creating your content

7. Click on the monetization to see your income in the next 48 Hours

Note: You can change your payment method at anytime you wish (When payout has not started)

How to increase Your earnings at Opera News Hub

There are various ways to increase your earnings on opera news hub platform. Below are the steps through which you can use to optimize your opera news hub earnings.

i. Share your articles after you have published the article. You can share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Twitter and Quora. Just share your links to anywhere you will get so that you can get more clicks. The more clicks you get, the more money you will generate. You can make 100 Gh per day if you take the platform seriously.

ii. Post at least 300 words. Actually, the minimum words for opera news is only 150 words. This is very small and anyone at all can write these 150 words. This is where you will need to take advantage over others. When people are writing only 150 words you can write 300 words. This will double your reach in opera news hub. You will get more clicks as the impression also increases.

iii. Perfect grammar: Your grammar must be very good. If you have a good grammar then there is no way that you will fail in this journey. You will be awarded every month aside your monthly income from the opera news hub website or App.

iv. Catchy thumbnail: Your featured image talks a lot that is why you must deal with it. Sometimes you may post something which is not all that valuable but your clicks will be more due to the catchy thumbnail image you added on the article.

v. Avoid violating of Opera News Terms and conditions: Every website has it own terms and conditions as we also do have. Do not post anything related to pornographic materials. This will make your account quality low and might be terminated in the future if it continues.

2. Scooper:

We have all heard of scooper, right? Scooper is just like opera news hub. At first Scooper did not recruit writers but currently, they are recruiting writers. Some people are making over 2000 Ghana Cedis per month on this website. The more article you publish the more money you get. Scooper accept articles with a minimum of 300 words. You can use the method of posting on opera news at scooper but there is a slight difference.

How to apply for scooper

1. Make sure you have internet access on your phone or laptop

2. After Click here and fill the forms (You will be required to write an article as a sample test)

3. After you have submitted your application scooper will send you pin and your account details with the account you provided.

4. Download Post Now on Playstore and login with the details sent by Scooper. You can change your password and account details at any moment

5. Start writing your article and get paid.

How to write article for scooper

Make sure that every first letter of your article is capitalized. For example, “Kofi Is Going To School”. From my example, it can be noticed that every first letter of my Title is capitalized. After you have to inserted your images and select the category you wish to post the article at.

3. Pejoweb:

This is just like opera news and scooper as well. Pejoweb pay you for commenting and posting articles for them. You can request your money at any time when you get to the minimum withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal is 10 dollars.

How to register Pejoweb

1. Click here or search Pejoweb on google and sign up.

2. Fill your profile

3. Start writing your article and get paid (Share your articles)

Note: If you want more income then you will need to share your articles to friends and other social media platforms.

4. Blog Pay:

Blogpay is recognized to be one of the fastest rising websites that pays it`s users for writing articles for them. Blogpay is more unless different from Opera News and Scooper. Their terms and conditions are different compared to other platforms.

How to apply for blogpay (Blog2Pay)

1. Make sure you have internet access on your phone or laptop

2. Click here or search Blogpay on the internet.

3. Sign up for an account with your Gmail (Not yet authorized)

4. Authorize your account with payment of 30 Ghana Cedis

5. After you have been authorized you can now post content on Blogpay and get paid.

Blogpay Terms and conditions

Blogpay will take some amount from your income when you request for withdrawal.  You can read the full terms and conditions here.

5. Myafricaweb:

Myafricaweb.com is currently recruiting writers. With this site you will be paid for every original content you will provide for the site. This s one of the fastest rising site in the world. Myafricaweb focuses most of its articles on Finance review, jobs, loans and movies.

How to apply for myafricaweb content writing job

1. Make sure you have internet access on your phone or laptop

2. Visit Search Myafricaweb on google or visit www.myafricaweb .com

3. Locate write and get paid page in myafricaweb blog or click here

4. Write a sample content to the owner of myafricaweb through WhatsApp

5. When verified, you will then get paid for every article you write for them.


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Make money online in Ghana by writing. Get paid instantly

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