20 Ways to Literally Make Money Online in Africa Without any Cost

Make Money Online in Africa

Are you thinking of 20 ways to literally make money online in Africa without any cost? Then you are welcomed here. We will guide you one after the other to get through it. Many people are getting it very hard through it but they do not get help from anyone but today, be rest assured that myafricaweb.com is going to help you on how you can make money online in Africa. It doesn’t matter if you are from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa. Egypt, Israel, Togo, Algeria or wherever you find yourself. My dear, this article is to help you gain some income whiles online. Myafricaweb team really love you and will always love you due to how adorable you are. But please, before reading this article, note that making online is not a rush or just a day you will make millions of monies. It really takes time so don’t speed too much, little by little you will reach at the top. Without wasting much time, let begin this article on

20 Ways to Literally Make Money Online in Africa Without any Cost

Yes, we are going learn legit and easy ways to make money whiles online. We do use our data to do unnecessary things sometimes but we never knew we were rather making money for other people instead of getting the money we use on our bundle to remake more monies. First of all, make note that when you are starting online work, take time and do not rush. I promise to you that it matters of time and boom you will be successful in this world with just. Ok let start making money!!!

1. YouTube:

YouTube is a very great platform to make money but if you do not know, you might get lost in it. Many Youtubers are making millions of monies online. Imagine getting thousand dollars per month just with Youtubing. Just imagine wont it be ok for you with it? Others are making millions of dollars with YouTube.

How to create YouTube channel in Africa

Well, it just simple as ABC. Creating YouTube channel is not hard at all but follow the steps I am going to give you and you will get your own YouTube channel in just 10 minutes (Gmail required).

i. Make sure that you have internet access

ii. After having internet access, download YouTube from Playstore or visit www.youtube.com

iii. You will be requested to name your YouTube channel if it is your first time

iv. Now, if you do not see the naming request at your dashboard, just locate channel and create your channel with a unique name of your choice. Make sure that it is very attractive for viewers to like it.

v. Now, after you have created the video, just start creating video of yourself or make a screen recording teaching something on your mobile phone or laptop.

How to make money on YouTube in Africa

After you have created the channel with the legit steps, we gave to you above, you can then look for your mission on how you can make money with the channel. The truth is that many people will not tell you that you will need to get some requirement before you can start earning. But do not worry at all, I am going to help you out on how you can monetize your blog and start chopping some cool cash from YouTube. For your YouTube channel to get monetized, you will need to get thousand subscribers (1k subs) and 4,000 watch time hours withing the year. This does not mean that you should get scared. It is easy for you to get these requirements.

How to get thousand subscribers on YouTube and 4000 watch time in Africa

I hope that almost all of us have social media platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and others). After you are done posting your article, just refer it to your friends and make them subscribe after view the video as well. Well, if your friends cannot help you with it, just join Facebook groups and publish the content in the groups. Some Facebook groups have over one million members so just imaging if your link is published in that group. Though, if Facebook do not work for you try another social media page or post your YouTube channel at Quora by questioning and answering the question with your link. Please do not make it look like a spam.  This is how you can make money online in Africa with the usage of YouTube.

2. Quest Poster:

Yes, I think this might be the first time for you to hear this but it is very true. You can make 100 dollars per day with just doing guest posting. But what is the meaning of guest posting? Ok do not worry I will make you understand what is meant by the word guest posting.

The meaning of guest posting for beginners

Let me explain it on how I understand it maybe you will definitely get it.  Guest posting is when you write an article for someone to pay you. For example, if I accept quest posting on my blog, you can request for details and ask of payment when you write an article for me with your price negotiated.

I hope you get some understanding on how to start guest posting? If no, let me aware to further the explanation more to you dear. You are the reason why I am here with my team.

3. Blogging:

Have you ever heard of what is meant by blogging? If yes, then you have great a great job for going through the web with this word. What I am doing now is blogging. Please note that blogging is far different from vlogging. When we talk of blogging, it is when you write articles to get paid whiles vlogging is when you make videos to get paid. So, we say that YouTube is an example of vlogging. With this blogging, you would need a website by your own or you can start publishing content on another site an get paid.

Website that pays you for writing content in Africa

i. Opera News: Opera news is one of the most popular blogging platforms which is circulating all over the world. With this, you will be writing articles for opera and get paid withing some month. This can be also classified under quest posting as well but over here, you are blogging professionally.

How to write for opera news and get paid in Africa

If you want to start making money online with opera news, then kindly search for opera news hub on google or any other browser you are using. After, create an account using your Gmail or fakebook.

ii. Blogpay: Blogpay is a company in Ghana that pays it`s authors for publishing content o their blog. This is done legit without any cheat. Do not worry at all because if we do not know about it, we won’t tell you of it.

iii. Myafricaweb: Yes, it is very possible to start blogging with us and get paid as well. All what you must do is to be very serious with it and post when you get time. We had some team but it seems they were not really interested so they were not able to make up with us. I think this must be your chance if you are here with us today.

iii. Newspaperlez: This website is just like blogpay. They also pay you for writing for them. All what you need to do is to stay original.

How to write original content in Africa

 If you are thinking of how to write content which is original, then I will advise you to blog on what you know but not what others have writing.

4. Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing will rank at the 4th position of our content. Many young investors and bloggers are now in affiliate marketing. Why because this type of marketing really pays a lot when you get some sale. This is how affiliate marketing works.

How to start affiliate marketing in Africa

Well, there are many official online shops in Africa that offers arillate program. All what you need to know is to notice if they are legit or scam. Well, for me I will prefer you to look for online shop that is very large just like Alibaba, Jumia and others. When someone buys a product with the link that you will provide, you will earn 3 percent or 30 percent of that product depending of the seller. So, let say if someone buys iPhone 11 pro max from you with the link, you can earn about 100 dollars each when someone buys with your link.

How to make money in Africa

5. Clipclaps:

So, imagine watching videos and getting paid whiles watching them. We usually spend over hours watching YouTube videos without even getting anything from it. Why don’t you start watching video at Clipclaps and get paid? Yes, it very possible my dear. This is one of the things your friends won’t tell you but I am making you aware of it today before it might be too late. I always want us to make money together dear. But please note that payment for this mobile app is PayPal and mobile refill. So, in case you do not know how to create PayPal account in Africa, I have provided a link below to learn how to create your own PayPal account whiles in Africa.

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6. Fiver:

Fiver is one of the most popular places to get your work done by people. These people are all strangers like I and you but because of their skills, they get money each and everyday whiles on fiver. With this, you will be a worker at fiver and talk about what you can do. For example, if you know how t sing, you can post your Gig by saying, I will sing for you for 10 dollars. If you are a content writer, you can conclude by saying that, I will write an article for you for 150 dollars. These are all ways by which you can make money on fiver whiles in Africa. I am very happy that I am still learning on fiver so I can teach you what I am learning and you can teach me as well. But do not worry, I have already started earning at fiver so I can help you out. Please note that this is free. You will note pay anything for this.

7. Freelancer:

Freelancer is just like the fiver. Infact I can say that freelancer and fiver are brothers. This is because most task done at fiver can be seen at freelancer. So, take note that you can make double money on these sites. With this, someone will be ordering your Gig at the preferred amount you requested. This income will be in your account and you can easily withdraw all to your bank or any other payment you wish to use. That is what I can say about freelancer because it is just like fiver.

8. Paid Survey:

Paid Survey is one of the commonest and the easiest ways to make money online. As we all know of what a survey is. With this method, they will be asking some questions and after they will be paying you for the answers you gave to them. There are over 100 paid surveys which is going viral on the internet. Some of these simple questions includes what is your name, where are you from, have you eaten today, how many brothers do you have, how many sisters do you have, are you married and many more. These are all series of questions they might request from you to give the answers. After you are done, they will be paying you for performing such a great task because they do not want your time to be wasted without any reward.

some of these Paid Survey services are giving below

Survey Monkey




Tulana and many more

9. Podcast:

Podcast will rank on number nine in our list. If you have not heard of podcast, then start making research on it because people are making huge monies from just podcasting.

10. Tiktok:

I really know you have heard of Tiktok and you already know what it all about. With Tiktok, your ca start making monies after your account has been verified. After it has been verified, you can start streaming live and be getting paid. It does not matter of the kind of videos you make because you will be paid by your own viewers. So, if you have many followers, you can start gaining some cool cash from it. After that, you should keep telling your followers to refer their friends to follow you in other to get more followers. I am not going to tell you it is easy and it not hard as well. Everyone has his or her potential of doing something so I think it might be your luck at that day or in that possible year. Never give up and keep moving on life.

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11. Transcripting:

With this, you will be writing what is writing on hard copy and translate to soft copy by typing it on Microsoft word after then upload it to where you had the job. There are many Transcripting jobs online of which I think you can search it out. To make this article legit and real to our own life’s, I do not want to give any online job I have not reviewed yet. But other people are making huge number of monies at this section.

12. Millionformula:

Millionformula has been circulating all over the internet. They have many tasks for you and pays you per each task you do for them. Some of these tasks includes, watch videos on YouTube and get paid, follow twitter page and get paid, like an Instagram post and get paid, comment on YouTube video and get paid. These are all ways by which you can make money from Millionformula.com.  The most interested aspect of this is that when you refer a friend, they are going to pay you as well. Please for more information about this interesting work, kindly read the article below.

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Do not worry, if you are not interested in that, you can kindly skip to the next one below but it important if you try it out.

15. Instagram:

Instagram, we do know of really pays. People have not been able to figure out this but my dear, I tell you that if you are a fashion designer or if you like going for pictures then I think Instagram business is for you. You can start earning some cool cash anytime you upload images on your Instagram pages. This is one of the best ways by which most celebrities gain money on the internet. I think you can also make much more that they do just put effort in it.

16. Website Developer:

If you are a website developer, then you have greater opportunity to have your own website. Not only having your own website, you can start developing and creating website for other people and after get some cool cash from them. If you think this might be hard, then you can open a hosting company of which you can sell domains attached to it. Example of such companies includes Namecheap, hostinger and many more. People buy and upgrade their hosting each and everyday so you can get money from it daily whiles at home.  

17. Translator:

Translating job is also known to be one of the most popular jobs in the world. Over here, you will be translating words from one language to the other. For example, if your client is from French country and want someone to change it to English language, you can try and do it. You can get these kinds of jobs in Fiver or freelancer.

How to become successful in translating job in Africa

Well, it all depends on your effort and how you want to do it. If you are really interested in translating jobs then follow the steps, I am going to give you below…

i. Make sure you have internet access and great account on Fiver or Freelancer

ii. Select seller. Please if you select buyer it means that you are going to buy Gigs from people but if you are seller, you are rather going to sell your Gigs to other people.

iii. After you have successfully activated your account, look for translating jobs from buyers and after propose to that Gig at your preferred price. This will enable you to be paid in your account.

iv. After your proposal has been approved, you will be paid in your fiver or freelancing account. Please note that you would have to withdraw this amount into your bank account or PayPal if possible, on your visa.

v. Please note that you can also post your Gig by saying that I will translate French to English for 10 dollars. If any buyer sees it and if they get interested, they will pay you for you to do it for them.

18. Typing jobs:

Typing jobs can be done both offline and online. Such jobs are mostly giving by companies. They will be giving you a particular topic to type or they will give you an article to check the typo errors in them. After you submit and if it successful, you will be paid for it.

19. Graphic Designer:

If you are graphic designer, then you can start making online by publishing logos and another artwork of yourself. Many people are looking for people who can design great logos and cartoonist. Especially, bloggers are really eager to get their own logos. Please with this, you can advertise yourself on almost all the social media pages after you are done with the work, they will definitely pay you for such great work you have done for them.

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20.  Ecommerce:

This is one of the successful ways by which an individual from Africa can highly make money online whiles at home. With this, you can sell your e books, your teaching as well. This will be best if you have your own website or other social media platforms. Whenever someone purchases it, it will be in your account and after you will deliver the content to the person. This will not take you much time because people are really consuming content of teachings.


My dear brothers and sisters, uncles and fathers, mothers and grandmothers. Please as I said earlier, becoming a millionaire online takes time so please done be in a rush. Keep calm and slowly, you will get to the highest point. Also, if you do not like these jobs mentioned above, we will be updating some online jobs for you so kindly stay tuned.

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