Top Five Universities In Ghana That Eat Gob3 (Beans) Most

Universities In Ghana

Gob3 which is officially known as beans is one of the favorite meals in Ghana. The main ingredient in this meal is Beans and Garri. But first, let take a look at how this meal is prepared.

How to Prepare Gob3 (Beans)

  1. First of all, soak beans overnight and boil it till it softens
  2. Make sure you heat palm oil with onions in sauce pan to add flavor
  3. After that, measure a spoonful of gari to mix evenly
  4. Now you can add the palm oil and mix evenly
  5. You can it serve with fried plantain and egg or sliced avocado as a preference
  6. Vegetables maybe added

Now, let take a look at the Universities in Ghana that eat Gob3 Most according to student opinion. Please if you find your institution to be in the list don’t worry because it a nice meal. Most students, don’t see Beans to be a rich meal but it is very rich and good in nutrition. Almost all the needed food nutrient in balance food can be found in Gob3 (Beans). Without wasting much time. Let proceed to the top list.

Universities In Ghana That Eat Gob3 (Beans) Most

  1. University Of Ghana (Legon):

When talking about the best universities in Ghana, University of Ghana cannot be excluded from the list. According to our research, Legon matches the top among all the tertiary institutions that eat Gob3 most. Both men and women eat gob3 like a pizza. The line constructed when buying gob3 is almost a mile. Meaning, many of the students are really interested in Gob3. When it comes to Gob3, then we hail University of Ghana with that.

  1. University Of Education, Winneba (UEW):

Herh, I tell you today. UEW students really love gob3 indeed. Though, UEW students are not many as compared to Legon Student.  The main branch of Gob3 in UEW can be located at North Campus. There is a woman who has named her gob3 branch as BOSSU GOB3. When it comes to gob3 sellers who might become billionaire, then BOSSU GOB3 will lead it. Because the UEW student eat the Gob3 meal in the morning, afternoon and evening as well. No wonder, it was not expensive when it comes to finance. But unfortunately for UEW, the ladies do not like Gob3 more as compared to Legon. It is the men who eat Gob3 most.  Mr. Nathaniel Owusu (Simpa Hall Block B) who is well known as Beans Boy is said to be the King of Gob3 in UEW. He can be found at the department of Political Sciences.

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  1. KNUST:

KNUST people really like gob3 but they do like they don’t like because of their girlfriends and boyfriends. They are shy to eat gob3 when it comes to KNUST. But when their girls and boys are not around them, they rate at which they run to buy beans is more than flash. They run very fast to go and buy it after eat it at their hostels and halls.

  1. University Of Professional Studies Accra (UPSA):

Almighty UPSA can be classified as Gob3 Queen. The ladies eat gob3 like no other institution. This is the reason why we classify it to be Gob3 queen. But there is a guy who is called Nana Kofi Genfi also known as Coutinho (Kotino). He attended Mehisco and completed in the year 2019. According to the interview we made, most students know of his wonders. He really like eating gob3 each and every day. He is very rich but he doesn’t like eating pizza and those staffs. Even when we made some background checkup, it was told this great man has never missed Gob3 dining in a day before. Nana Kofi Can be said to be the Gob3 King in UPSA. Though there is other guy trying to break the record.

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  1. University Of Cape Coast (UCC):

When it comes to learning, UCC tops the list but in terms of Gob3, they are low. Some of the students in UCC claims that after eating Gob3, they learn more than 24 hours without even getting tired or feeling hungry. In my own research, I think this is the reason why UCC student can learn very well. Most of the brilliant student in UCC are Queens and Kings in Gob3. We will update you when we get the king of Gob3 in UCC because the competition there is tuff. They don’t like buying it due to full management of their income (P3p333). UCC is very great in management concerning their income. No wonder it a business school. That the one thing I really love about UCC (Good in management).

How To Prepare Gob3 (Beans) Meal Video


If you know any king or queen in gob3, you can make us aware to update the list. Please also, note that this is just for entertainment. Don’t worry about it if your school is part. Gob3 is really good food and healthy as well. Do not feel of it. Boast yourself to be part of the gob3 team. But don’t try if you no get good stomach. Goodluck!!!


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