10 things you should never do in life – Ultimate Guide

10 Things You Should Never Do In This World

In this world, we try to impress everyone we know. But the truth is that not everyone will love you or like you no matter who or how you do to them. This is the reason why myafricaweb is going to guide you through on the basic things you should never do in this world.

Things you should never think of doing in this world

1. Never beg someone to love you:

This sound someway but it very true. If someone truly loves you, there is no need for you to make the person love you. Besides, if someone loves you truly, they will never expect you to beg them to be loved. Someone so also out there wishing to love you more than ever.

2. Never lie to your parent:

Well, this is one of the most essential things we do not know in this world. People actually lie to their parent thinking that their parent wouldn’t know about it. If you will lie to someone, not on your parent at all. Because probably when you grow up your kid will do same to you or your parent will know about it sooner.

3. Do not learn when you are not in good mood:

Psychology have proven that when you are not in a good mood, there is no need for you to learn because nothing will go in your mind/ brain. It is very good to make sure that you are in good mood always before you start learning if your really want your education to be successful with good grades. Let say, you have gotten a broken heart and you have an exam in that same week or day. The probability that you cannot learn is very higher. This might lead to failure of examination because you cannot study.

4. Never try to impress everyone in this world:

This goes mostly to the males. Most of the males tries to impress their female friends with a kind of lifestyle that is never true about them. My dear if you ae a male or female and if you are kind of person then I will advice you to avoid that. Be real to yourself each and every day. Have a higher self esteem because someone also wish to be like you.

5. Never think of killing yourself:

Mood swings is in everyone in this world. But do not go too deep by thinking of killing yourself. There are many people who are suffering than you but they manage to make themselves happy with it. Don’t ever think of killing yourself at all. There is hope and God has not forsaken you as well. But if you kill yourself, it is also considered to be a murder so you can be punished for that in the ghost world. Beside if you are a Christian, it can go against you on the judgement day. Believe, pray, work, smile, keep yourself happy and leave the rest to God. Never give up.

6. Never make promises when you are too happy:

This might happen to all of us. Have you ever promised someone of giving something when you were happy? If then stop because when that happy emotion leaves from you, you might fail that person afterwards.

7. Never get angry at court:

Been in court whiles angry in very dangerous. You can be in prison for just a slip of tongue due to anger. Most people are in prison because of what they said when they were angry. They did not do anything but because of what they said, it has been recorded and have been used against them. The tongue is very powerful so know how you should use it. If possible, don’t talk when you are angry about something. Please make sure that you try your best to calm down whenever you get a case. We aren’t expecting you to get a case but incase it happens, remember to be calm.

8. Do not punish children when they try to do something right but went wrong:

According to research, a man called Eric Erikson propended a theory called psychosocial stages in human development. According to him, he said we should not beat children when they think of doing something good but goes wrong. Let say if your daughter or son is about three years tries to put up his bottoms but couldn’t do it, you should not beat that child. There is some stage in children whereby they try to do things by their own. Beaten them will cause them not to try it again. You should rather guide them to the correct path by letting them know how they can do it or if it not of their age, let them know.

9. Never underestimate people when they try to explain their views:

People find this funny but very important to myafricaweb. As we humans, we all have emotions of which some are good whiles others are good. This is the reason why you should not underestimate people when they try their best. It not easy to live in this world but their try to live in it by their best way.

10. Never say something bad to yourself:

In our previous point, we made you guys to know that our tongue is very powerful in spirit world. If you do not know, then myafricaweb is making you aware of it today. Everything you say with your mouth can come to pass. If you say good things about your life, it will follow you. Same as when you say bad things to yourself, it will hunt you as well. So please no matter how or what the situation is, do not say something bad to yourself. You are never a loser in this world.

These are the ten most important things you should never think of doing in this world. You need to make it known to yourself in your daily life. Thank you for been with us.


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