How to reverse chipper cash transaction

Are you wondering about how to reverse transaction on chipper cash? If you are reading this article, then it probably means you have made some wrong transaction in Chipper Cash or you are reading it to learn how to reverse your transaction after making wrong transaction in chipper cash. Do not worry at all because I am going to show you the steps on how to reverse your chipper cash transaction. We have two ways of reversing transactions in Chipper cash. These are requesting method and customer support method. Since you have got to know the two types of reversing transactions in chipper cash, let review the steps to reverse your chipper cash transaction

Steps to reverse your chipper cash transactions

1. Make sure you have internet access

2. Open your chipper cash app

3. Login your account on chipper cash

4. Request the amount of money you sent to the user (Requesting method)

5. Contact the customer support in the chipper cash app with the transaction details and proofs (Customer support method)

6. When the person sees the transaction request and if he or she clicks on approve the money will be revered into your account,

7. If the owner of the account refuses to approve the transaction Chipper cash will freeze his account and send back your money to you.

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Note: Please transaction cannot be reversed if the person you made the transaction to has withdrawn the money. Due to this, Chipper cash will freeze or block the account of that user as he or she refuses. Any money that comes in the person`s account will be reversed into your account. Make sure that you report and request the transaction as fast as possible after you have made a wrong transaction.

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