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Picoworkers is known to be one of the basic freelancing ways to make money online. With Pieceworker, you do not need to acquire any special skills. This means that even if you have no skill in freelancing, you can do this work as well. Today, we are going to review Picoworker, how to make money from Picoworker, how to withdraw money from Picoworker, Disadvantages of Picoworker, advantages of picoworker and how to make money on picoworker without doing anything.

What is Picoworker?

Picoworker is a freelancing website that pays it`s users for performing some tasks and pays for task to be done as well. This means that, you will be doing micro jobs and get paid with the job that you will do. This job or task you will be doing is paid by the picoworker employers already. Anytime you complete some tasks, you will be paid in your dashboard. Please do not go yet because I am going to show you how you will go about it.

How to make money from Picoworker

So, let do some calculations over here. Let say each task you will do will give you 0.5 USD. In n this case, if you are able to do 10 tasks in a day you will get 5 USD per day. If you do 100 task per day, you can earn 50 USD. If you want to make money from picoworker, then kindly click on the link below and sign up.


Please make sure that you enter your real name. After signing up you click or tap on Find job. After you click on find job, there will be many task or job for you to do. This is very easy task which can be done by everyone. Please also, make sure that you stay legit on this site because you will be banned if you do not perform the task well.

How to withdraw money from Picoworker

After you have finally work hard to achieve some amount of money, you can now withdraw your money from your account. Please follow the steps below in other to withdraw money from picoworker.

1. Login to your Picoworker account

2. After logging in, locate and click on Wallet n your picoworker dashboard

3. Select the payment method you want to get paid on.

Note: Please note that you can withdraw from Picoworker only when you have minimum of 5 USD.

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How to make money on picoworker without doing anything

Actually, you can make huge sum of money without doing any task in picoworker. Do not worry at all because I am going to teach you how to start with this. First of all, make sure that you have logged in into your picoworker account. After you have logged in, kindly click on refer a friend. After you will see your referral link and after, copy the link and refer any of your friends or whoever it is. With this affiliate marketing, you will be getting 5% of the person you referred income. You can also post work as an employer and look for click work then make them click on the link. After, you will be making ways of online money form.

Advantages of Picoworker

1. You can withdraw just 5 USD. Meaning, you can be making 5 dollars everyday and get paid with it

2. Some tasks are very easy, you do not need to require any special skills

3. Affiliate program of picoworker rate is good

4. Payment of Picoworker is very fast

Disadvantage of Picoworker

1. Some tasks are too hard and takes time

2. Some task payment is very small

3. You might not be paid if you do not complete the task successfully

4. You are required to get 0 Seconds before you will be paid as a newbie

5. Sometimes the website Jam. This makes it to be very slow for its users

6. Its payment methods are not many. It does not have wire transfer and other international payment.

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How to sign up on picoworker?

Kindly click on the link below to start making money online.



Please if you want any assistant, kindly contact me via emma@myafricaweb.com

Also, note that you will be giving some survey to do and you will be paid for these surveys as well.

Watch the video Below for more

Picoworker Review

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