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How To Make Money Online For Amateur / Beginner

We will be learning 5 legit ways to make money online as an amateur/Beginner. Are you thinking about how to make money online as a beginner or amateur? Do not worry at all because I am here to help you make money online as a beginner/amateur. All what you need to do is to take the content serious and stick on the plan with me. There is many information on the internet claiming to help people make money online as a beginner/amateur. I know you are tired of reading all those boring articles on How to Make Money Online for Beginners. Sometimes these online jobs revealed by others are owned by them so they do not bring out the real secret behind the website they claim to be making money.

This article is made based on research and detailed by my experiences. Every point which will be explained here is from my experience and how I was able to make money from that platform. Dear friends, if you have any issue concerning this article, you can make me aware in the comment section below. I know you have been asking yourself about “How can I be successful online” “How can I make Money Online” How do I start a business online” “How can I make money online as a beginner or amateur”. Actually, I was asking myself these questions when I was trying to make money online as an amateur. Do not worry much because I am here to assist you through. I have been able to find out some legit website that can assist you make money online. this is the reason why I wrote about this topic. Please I have some advice/guide for you before we begin this topic.

5 Online Money-Making Secret Advices for Amateur’s (Ultimate Guide)

If you really want to make money online make sure you go through the guide I`m about to give out before you move to the next topic. You might quit if you do not take these guides on how to make money online as an amateur serious. Below are the ultimate’s guides to help you through your online money-making journey;

5 Online Money-Making Secret Advices for Amateur’s (Ultimate Guide)
5 Online Money-Making Secret Advices for Amateur’s (Ultimate Guide)

1. Stick on one plan until it succeeds:

Sometimes beginners become very curious on how they can really make money online. They just tackle any online jobs that don’t even pay well. Occasionally, the website they even trusted most might be a scam. This is the reason why I am here to assist you to make real money online. What I mean is that, if you wish to be into content marketing, make sure you stick to it until you gain much money from it. Dividing your attention to different kinds of online jobs might make you not to earn anything at the end of the month or even year. I hope you get me now?

2. Set Your Target with The Plan:

Now after you have identified yourself to be in some online money-making program, make sure that you set your target with it. When I was a beginner in blogging, my first target was to get my website. I was able to accomplish that task. I learnt how to create website and design them myself. After I got the website, I asked myself about how I can make money from it. I monetized my blog when I requested for it. Now ads were showing on my website what the next step to make money from it? I was asking myself all these questions and I was setting my target on it. First day, I earned nothing from my website.

I nearly gave up on blogging that time. The next day, I learnt more about how I can increase my blog earnings. I had less than 1 USD dollar that day. Then something came in my mind to set my target and even if I don’t get there, I will try to push hard next time. I made my mind to earn at least 10USD in every week. As I set that target, I never gave up because I was focused on it. At the end of that week, I earned not less than 10USD in my dashboard. This is how setting target can help improve your life.

3. Never Give Up:

I will always tell the truth about this. Earning online is not an easy task but when it starts generating money, it never stops. Some people do not trust in themselves at all. Have hope that it will work and trust the process. If I gave up at the first time when I was not earning anything from my blog, I would have stopped. But I never give up no matter what. That is the reason why you are here with me today. Life I hard but it on you to make it easy.

4. Motivate Your Self:

This point is just like our third point. You really need to motivate yourself if you are an amateur in online money making. Even if you have no idea, contact the Pros in that particular job to help you through. Motivating yourself can always help you to attain your goal. Yes, You Can Make It!!

5. Work Smartly and Avoid Stressing Yourself Too Much:

If you really want to make money online as an amateur you need to work smart. Avoid stressing yourself too much on how you can make money online overnight. It does not exist to make millions of dollars withing some minute if it is not gambling or trading. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Make sure that you find out how legit it is and ways of payments as well. These are the five-ultimate guide for those who want to make money online (Amateurs). Now, let get back to our main topic “How to make money online as an amateur/ beginner.

Best 5 Way To Make Money Online For Amateur/ Beginners

In our keyword amateur, I just mean beginner. So, it just simply means how to make money as a beginner. As I said earlier, there are many ways to make money online as a beginner or amateur. Below are some of the basic ways to make money online as a beginner or an amateur;

1. Blogging:

If you are a beginner or amateur in online money making, then I will suggest blogging for you. If you do not like blogging there are may ways to come so do not rush my dear. Now what is blogging?

In my own understanding, blogging simply means writing an article to be paid. This indicate that you will be earing some income whiles you write articles to your blog or other blog. There are many popular websites that hire writers to blog for them. You can also create your own website. Do not know how to create website? I will help you to create your own website and monetize it as a beginner;

There are many ways to create website but I will teach only WordPress and blogger website methods.

How to create blogger website for amateur/beginners

1. Visit official blogger website

2. Sign up with your Gmail and name your BlogSpot name (

3. Set up your website pages and categories

4. Start publishing content of your blogger website

5. Locate earnings at the blogger dashboard and request for AdSense monetization

6. When your site is eligible, you will be mailed that it is eligible to show ads. You can now earn some income from it whiles publishing content.

How to create WordPress website for amateur/beginners

1. Visit

2. Locate website at the menu

3. Order WordPress website

4. Customer care will assist you after you make purchase instantly

5. When your website is fully designed by myrichtech developers, you can start publishing content and request for monetization from Google AdSense or any advertising company


In my own understanding, Vlogging can be explained as the process of uploading videos to e paid. With this, we will be using YouTube for our vlog.

How to create YouTube channel for amateur/beginners

1. Visit the official website of YouTube

2. Sign in with your Gmail and locate channel

3. Create your own channel with a unique name

4. Start publishing content

5. When you get 1k subs kindly visit your YouTube studio and request for monetization. When you meet the requirement, your account will be verified and will be ready to show ads.

3. Freelancing:

I suggest this online job for you if you have some skill. Some of these skill increase creating logos and flyers, designing website, singing, typing and many more. There are many websites that helps users to become a freelancer. Some of this website includes, Upwork, fiver and freelancing. If you are an amateur, you need to read on how your Gigs will get more views. I will be publishing that in our next article.

This might seem to some amateur’s / beginners so I have made up my mind to reveal my top site of making money. Below is the website

4. Pieceworkers:

This website is very interesting. Some pro members have made over two thousand dollars just from small gigs. This is how pieceworkers works. It just like freelancing. But with this, even if you do not have any skill you can do it by your own. There are many tasks for pieceworker freelancers. Some of these tasks includes upvoting Reddit post, liking Instagram post, inviting people to Facebook groups, joining telegram groups and many more. You will be paid after you show proof that you did the task to the owner. Some of these proofs includes screenshot, username and number count.

Please you can read more on pieceworkers by clicking here

Pieceworkers Review

5. Affiliate Marketing:

With affiliate marketing, you will be making money from making online sales. No website is needed if you have social media traffic. You can even try publishing full details about that product on medium or Quora. This will make people to purchase more of the product. Some of these websites which offer affiliate programs includes JV affiliate, Jumia, ShareASale Affiliates, Click Bank, Amazon affiliate, Shopify Affiliate Program and many more.

These are the five legit ways to make money online as an affiliate marketer. If you are an amateur, you can make money from these websites we have made mentioned of. Please if you need any assist or clearance, make us aware in the comment section below.

Important Notice

If you need my service on how to monetize your blog, I can assist you through that. Creating professional website to make money from it as a beginner or amateur might seem to be little hard. This is the reason why I am here to help you get your own website withing 24 hours. Please all that I will need is the domain name you wish to use. What is a domain? Domain is the name of your website. It is the link that will help people to come in your blog or website. An example of domain names includes,,,, and many more. All these names mentioned above are domain names. I hope you understand it now.


Since when I started searching for legit ways to make money as an amateur or beginner, these are the best I have ever had so far. I got to know that I am interested in blogging mostly. That is the reason why I am focusing on my blogging website. If you can remember, I made you understand that you need to stick on one course if you really want to make money online as a beginner/ amateur. When you see improvement or success, you can add another course to it. Currently, my next target is Vlogging (YouTube). Since I have some knowledge in blogging, I need to explore more on how I can make money through them. This course is best for amateur’s who wish to make money online withing this year. I wish you all Good luck.


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