Dalex SWIFT Review: Is Delax SWIFT Legit or Scam (Savings and Loans) – Updated

Dalex SWIFT Review Is Delax SWIFT Legit or Sam?

If you are viewing this article, then I hope that you have heard of Delax SWIFT savings and loan. Today, we are going to review whether Delax SWIFT investment and loan been legit or scam. In some years, there was some investment platform which was managed by Nam1. Due to this, many people are scared of investing or saving their money to private or non-government companies. Will is Delax SWIFT like NAM1? Where do Delax SWIFT get their income and how do they work? I am very sure that you have been asking all these questions by yourself or friends. Without wasting much time, let take a look at what Delax SWIFT is, how they work, how they give loans and how legit they are.

What is Delax SWIFT

Delax SWIFT is an investment and loan platform that aim at generating interest for their users and gracing loans. That means, Delax swift gives you some interest when you save your money with them. While saving your money at this Delax SWIFT platform, they will add some interest on the amount you saved using their platform. For example, if you saved 100 Cedis this year, at the end of next year you can get up to 500 Cedis or more after some month or years. This is how Delax SWIFT works basically when it comes to investing with them.

How do Delax SWIFT work

It is obvious that Delax SWIFT can be classified as an official banking because they use banking methods to operate. So, this is how Delax SWIFT works. Whenever you make a deposit to Delax SWIFT, they use your money for granting loans to other government workers (Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Police etc.). When they give your money to these government workers, there will be an interest of which they will pay when paying back. So, let say if particular teacher requested for 1000 Cedis loan from Delax Swift, that particular teacher will pay about 1500 Cedis when paying back. This means, Delax Swift will make 500 Cedis from that loan. With this 500 Cedis, Delax SWIFT will share the profit with you in addition with the money you saved or invested with them. So, at the end of the month, you can make 100 Cedis added unto your savings balance depending on the amount you saved. This is how Delax SWIFT operate their system.

Is Delax SWIFT Legit or Fake

Delax SWIFT is 100% Legit. Everything they do is transparent to their users and amount is paid fully when the schedule is due. Per what is noticed, Delax SWIFT is licensed by the Bank Of Ghana. This even identify their geniuses. The owner of Delax Swift is

How to create Delax SWIFT account

There are three ways to create Delax SWIFT account.

1. Online method:

With this method, you will visit the official website of Delax SWIFT and book a call. Or Locate create account and enter your details. Please make sure that you enter a valid mobile number and name. Click here to create account online.

2. Short code method:

With this method, you will dial *721# on your mobile phone. After you can go on to my account and register. An agent of Delax Swift will call you right away to assist if any difficulties.

3. Customer care method:

With this method you can reach Delax SWIFT with the numbers and email giving below. Even if you flash them, Delax SWIFT agent will call you to assist you. Actually, customer care assistance for this company is very reliable.

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How to contact Delax SWIFT savings and loans

There many ways to reach Delax SWIFT company. Below are they ways to contact Delax SWIFT.



+233 244 333 411

233 242 435 650

233 242 435 650

Short code : 1611 (MTN

Delax SWIFT requirement for Account creation

If you are interested in registering Dela SWIFT account, you will be required to have ,

1. Valid ID (Voters ID or Ghana card).

2. House Number

3. Where you stay

4. Date of birth

5. Next of King

6. Next of King phone number

7. Occupation you do (Optional)

8. Mobile Money account or any way of making transaction into your Delax SWIFT account.

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Delax SWIFT App Login

You can log in into your Delax SWIFT account or download the app with the link provided below.

Delax SWIFT Login Link

When to withdraw your money in Delax SWIFT account

There are two types of account in DELAX company. But with the DELAX SWIFT you will be eligible to request withdrawal in 6 months (starting from the day you created the account).  The good side of Delax SWIFT is that you can cashout all your money if you wish.


Please note that myafricaweb is not affiliated to Delax SWIFT.  Everything stated here is from my own personal experience and how they operate. Save wisely with this opportunity and keep making more money with this website. Please subscribe to our newsletter above to get more articles straight to your mail. It free. Take care.

Note: Contact Delax SWIFT agent for more details

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