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Scooper Application: How to Write For Scooper News and Get Paid

In this article, we will learn how to write for Scooper and get paid. Scooper is just like opera news but the process to apply for scooper is different from opera news own. Below are the steps to apply for scooper,

How to write for scooper and get paid

1. You must write an article of at least 300 words

2. After writing your article, you will be required to fill in the scooper forms

3. Fill in the forms with your details

4. After, verify your phone number and describe your experience in article writing

5. Upload the article you wrote in the forms

6. Click on submit when done.

Click here to start the application process

Please if you have any difficulties in it, kindly contact me to assist you.

Scooper Application: How to Write For Scooper and Get Paid
Advantages of Scooper
  1. You will be paid for writing articles
  2. It will guide you on how to write articles
  3. Payment is done through your MOMO account or bank account
  4. Custormer service is active on scooper

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Disadvantages of Scooper
  1. Payment my delay
  2. Review of articles delay sometimes before published
  3. The process of application is very long
  4. Verification of phone number and account verification delay sometimes

If you are interested to write for scooper, Apply Here

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