How To Withdraw Mcoop Cash Loan Via Mpesa

Mcoop Cash Loan

How To Withdraw Mcoop Cash Loan To Mpesa

Are you thinking of how you can withdraw money from Mcoop Cash Loan via Mpesa? Then we are here t assist you to d it. First of all, let take a look at what this Mcoop Cash Loan is about. It is a banking app, that help it’s users to have many services. The most popular service known is Loan. Today, we will guide you to withdraw loan from Mcoop Cash Loan to your Mpesa account successfully. Below are the steps to withdraw your Mcoop loan via mpesa.

How To Withdraw Mcoop Cash Loan To Mpesa

  1. Simply dial *266#
  2. After you have dial *266#, select Co-operative option.
  3. Make sure that you type in your pin after you have selected the option one.
  4. Selection send money and after, select Mpesa.
  5. After you are done with this step, select the mobile number you wish to send on.
  6. Choice account to send from
  7. Enter the required amount you wish to transfer. With this, you will be deducted as a transaction fee (very little fees)
  8. After you have entered the amount you wish to transfer, confirm to finish the process.


After you have successfully made the transaction, you will receive a notification indicating that you have successfully transferred the amount into your mpesa account you provided. If you have any difficulties in it, make us aware to assist further.

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