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How to Make Passive Income: 7 Secret Formula In AdSense Revenue

Are you wondering about how to make passive income from your AdSense revenue? Then you are at the right place. We are going to learn how to

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I hope you have seen the image above. Please make sure that you follow the steps we are going to give you. If you find any difficulties in it, make sure you make us aware. This content is for those who own website or YouTube channel. But if you do not have website or channel, do not worry because I am going to help you on how to get your own website before we continue.

How to get website withing 24 hours

If you need a website do not worry because we have legit online shop that create, design and help you monetize the blog. The steps are giving below;

1. Visit or you can make order here

2.Locate website at ESOP`s category

3. You will see many website packages. Select the type of website you want to use (WordPress, blogger or Wix)

4. Make your payment through the cart. After you make payment, customer care will contact you with the details you provided withing some minute.


1. Buy your hosting and domain at Namecheap and start designing.

How to get YouTube channel and monetize it

With the YouTube channel, you will need to have time for yourself. Monetization might keep long because of the minimum requirement for subscription. If you do not know how to create YouTube channel, follow the steps below;

1. Visit

2. Locate channel and name the channel you wish to use.

3. Start uploading your videos on your channel (You can create playlist for multiple category)

It just simple as ABC. Now, let go through some of the ways to increase your AdSense revenue after monetizing your website or YouTube channel

Make money from your website or channel

How to Make Passive Income: The Secret Formula in AdSense Revenue

1. Publish quality content:

Uploading great content always helps you to generate more revenue. All what you need to do is to solve the problems of your readers. This will let them come back to your website and even share your articles. So, if you write something about the keyword “How to make money online” make sure that you explain the content for your readers to understand. All the required point must be legit. Always make sure that your content is helpful to your readers.

2. Make your post interactive:

Publishing quality content deals with interaction in the post as well as how detailed it is. Just make sure that the content is very interesting. Be asking questions and answer the questions as well. For example, if you are writing on “How to make money online” you can indicate the meaning of “money”. This will make your readers acquire more knowledge.

3. Use simple words for your readers to understand:

Even if you are Professor in English, please make sure that you make your words to be basic. This will help your readers to understand your content easily. They will not spend other time looking for some words in dictionary just because of your content. If they don’t get the meaning of your content, they might leave from your website or Channel.

All the steps we gave above will help users to stack on your website and reduce bounce rate as well. Let move to the next step

4. Target high CPC keywords:

Some content has very low CPC (Cost Per Click). This will make you to end up earning nothing from your clicks. If you really have high CPC, just few clicks will help you attain your goal. There are some tools that helps to determine the CPC of keywords. I will help you with this free tools. Below are some of the free tools to determine the CPC of keywords.

All these free tools can help you to identify the CPC of keyword. But if you need premium tools, you can upgrade them

5. Make research on keyword (SEO):

If you really need to generate more income, then you must learn something about keywords research. There are many tools that can help you to know the search volumes of particular keywords. The tools we mentioned above can assist you through. All what you need to do is to find keyword with high search volume and low competitors. As more people visit the website, the more money you will make.

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6. Share your content after published:

This is very important if your blog is new. Social media traffic is not advisable sometime because of high bounce rate. This is the reason why you need to solve the problems of your readers. You can use autblog plugins such as Jetpack, Blog2share and others to share your content automatically after you publish your content. I will help you to get more traffic in our next post so subscribe to get updated.

7. Make sure that your website speed is fast:

Please this is very important for your SEO journey. If you do not make your website speed to be high, Google might take very long to index your post. You can use Google page speed to check your website speed. At least 70% is not bad. If you need your website speed to be high, you can alert us to help you out.

These are the seven advise for Youtubers and bloggers on their AdSense revenue journey. Please if you have any questions or suggestions, comment below.


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