How To Make More Money Online Within A Week (Earn Millions Of Dollars Using These Method)

How to make money online

There are many ways of making money online in the world as a student. Many students have been asking me how they can earn online with the use of their laptops and mobile phones. Today, I will be teaching you how you can earn some cool cash online within some days. Please note that these methods work for almost all the other countries. I hope that this will help you to earn some amount of money online. But first of all, you will need the following requirement to start working online. The following list below are the basic requirements.

  1. Mobile phone: You will need mobile phone in other to get some of the money-making apps.
  2. Laptop: Laptop can edge you to make more research about what we are about to learn.
  3. Good internet connection: Since it concerns online then definitely, u need an internet connection to begin this process.
  4. The ability of having patience

Note: You can use either phone or laptop for these tasks.

 Without wasting much time, let head up to the way we can make cool millions of dollars online!!!

As I said earlier, there are many legit ways you can start making money online. The following list below gives how you can make money online:

(i) YouTube

(ii) Blogging

(iii) Clipclaps

(iv) Bitcoin Games

(v) Freelancing

(vi) Mining bitcoins with the use of cryptotab browser


YouTube is one of the most popular platforms that have gotten over three billion users.  It will surprise you that many make over thousands of dollars in the world. With the use of Google AdSense, many people have been able to gain their wealth.

This how YouTube works “You will be creating your own videos and when you get to the minimum watch time and the threshold for subscription, Google will start paying you. In this section, there will be advert placed on your videos that you created”

 YouTube will start paying you immediately you get 1000 (thousand subs). Someone may ask how am I going to get those thousand subs on my channel?

This method is as simple as ABC. Just build all your social media channels e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. After building your social media, kindly sent they video link of the YouTube video you just created. If you want to create your channel, you need to have a Gmail. After that, visit and create your channel with a nice name.



Blogging is one of the most popular ways some people make money online. OVER HERE you will be writing articles to be paid. In otherworld’s, you can get your own website and start writing articles to get paid. There are many websites that pays people to write articles for them but in my view, I suggest that you will get your own website. After getting your website apply for google AdSense or any other ads platforms to start paying you for number of people who view your articles. Note that you can earn 1000 dollars per day with the use of these methods.

But don’t worry, I will help you to get your own website with a cool price. You can email me at or



Clipclaps is one of the most enjoyable ways people make money online. Over here, you will be watching very short videos and be paid. The videos are very funny once so whiles you are laughing, you will be getting paid as well. Many people have been earning massively from this app. Please note that this app pays through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, kindly visit to stat earning some cool cash with this app… Please this one is for mobile phone users only. Take a look at the current balance of someone balance in Clipclaps.



Well, if you have not heard of bitcoins in this modern world then my dear you are getting lost. Bitcoin is one of the most crypto currencies most billionaires and millionaires uses for their business.  There are many apps that pays you for playing games and be paid through bitcoins. Some of the bitcoin games includes bitcoin blast, bitcoin clash and many more. If you want to create a bitcoin wallet, you can visit to start making money.


With the freelancer, you will be paid for doing some task for someone. For an example, you will be paid for doing some assignment. For an example, if I need a client, I will be requesting someone to write an article and pay the person. Therefore, you been the business minded will be paid the money when you are done with the work.



 You won’t believe it if I tell you that you can make money online whiles you are making research. With the help of cryptotab browser, you will be awarded with bitcoins for using the browser. Apart from this, you can even earn by mining bitcoins online with the help of the cryptotab browser…  The good aspect of this browser is that, you will see your current balance whiles using the browser. You can withdraw it at any time.

 Hi friends, you can contact me for more information if you don’t know how to go about it!!!!

MAIL         : contact@myafricaweb.

I am free with everyone… Goodluck!!!

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