How to become billionaire from zero – 2021 ultimate guide to make you rich

How to Become A Billionaire Within a Day? Learn How To become a Billionaire with These Ultimate Guide

Almost all of us want to become future billionaires without any doubt. Today I am going to express my view on how you can become future billionaire. Always, there is a saying that the road to success is not an easy part. Please do not let this word make you feel sad or don’t let it make you fear it because is in assistance with you at the moment. First of all, let briefly explain some terms before we proceed to the final stage.

Who Is a Billionaire?

Actually, there are many definitions for the word “billionaire”. Without wasting much time, let look at some of the definitions below.

  • Some dictionaries explained the word billionaire as somebody whose wealth is greater than one billion dollars or other currency.
  • Billionaire can be explained as a person, [possessing assets worth at least a billion pounds or dollars (definition by oxford dictionary)
  • Wikipedia also explained billionaire as a person with net worth of at least one billion (a thousand of million units of a given currency, usually of a major currency such as United Sates, The Euro or the British pond.

As the statement were made, almost all the definition’s look alike. In short, we can say that a person who has a networth of One Billon is classified as billionaire.

    Why Is It Good to Become A Billionaire?

First of all, ask yourself we are suffering from this world? Going to school, working all the days etc.

These are all in the name of money. Everybody likes money and everyone wish to be on top of the word. Below are some of the reasons why it is good to become a billionaire.

1. You can afford everything you wish to buy:

One advantage of begin a billionaire is that you can afford or buy everything you wish to buy. You can purchase huge houses, awesome cars, huge lands and many more. Is that not awesome and enjoyable been able to buy all things you wish you have?  Very cool right?

2. You can travel to everywhere you wish to be:

Oh yes it very possible. Becoming billionaire is very essential because you have the fuds to travel everywhere you wish to be. You can travel whether by air, by water or by the land. Aww every one wishes to be in billionaire’s shoes.

3. You can purchase business:

It very great to make plans in this world. Having the gust to call yourself a billionaire is very awesome. You can buy any kind of business you wish to buy and run the business yourself. This means that you will become the CEO of that particular company.

4. You can become rich:

Even though you are a billionaire does not mean you shod stop what you wish to be in future. You can become richer by investing in banks, companies like real estate and many more.

What Are the Qualities of a Billionaire?

It is very true that billionaires have qualities in them. We are going to look through some of the awesome qualities in billionaires of which you need to know about it.

1. Dream big:

Billionaires always dream big even if they are not yet at the goal they set. All billionaires dreamed to become who they are currently before achieving their objectives, goals and aims.

2. Planning:

Planning is one of the secret ingredients in the billionaire’s kingdom. How could they become rich if they did not plan? billionaire’s always plan ahead of their things they are about to do in the near future. Many people ask how they can plan. Today will help you in your planning journey.

How To plan In Other to Become a Billionaire.

  • Make sure you set a target: Always make sure that you set target in achieving your future goals. If you think you will forget your daily goals, you can use Google calendar as a reminder. The app will always remind you of what you type in that day.
  • Always be focused: Make sure you focus on what you have planned for. Don’t let anything distract you in your journey. Some of the obstacles you might face are, women, men, envy, jealousy and many more. But make sure anything that drives you away from what you have planned be shut off. No matter how it is, make sure you calm it down for you to be more focused.
  • Have faith and work towards it: Make sure you have faith in what you are doing. As it was indicated in the Bible, faith without work is dead. Therefore, faith and works always move together. Be sure you combine both faith and work together to attain you aims in your life.

3. They never give up:

Billionaire’s never give up on what they do. As human beings, failure is always part of us. No matter what or who you are you might fail one day. Most of the billionaire’s we currently have failed in school but they did not let it to overcome their plans. They never gave up on it. So, make sure you should not give up on whatever you do if only it is positive and will earn something valuable to your life.

How to Become Billionaire in Just One Day?

For sure, t is very possible for you to become a billionaire in one day but it only on your lucky day or unless some miracles happen. The truth is that you can’t attain the billionaire title withing a day. It takes a lot of time and plans to attain that level. But we are going to show you some positive and legal ways to become a billionaire in the future.

1. Crypto currencies:

Well, if you really want to become billionaire online the start investing in crypto currencies such as dodge coin, bitcoins, Dash, Ethereum and others.

Buy it when the rate of that particular crypto goes down and sell it when the rate becomes higher. This is one of the secret ways most billionaires are making extra money online. But make sure you read about it before you go for it.

2. Invest in real estate:

Real Estate is now known to be one of the most jamming ways most millionaire’s make their income. You can try investing in real estate to become what you want to attain.

3. Invest in your bank:

Banking investment has become simple as it is compared to other years. You can try investing in a particular bank that has a major income and that you think it will never collapse. If possible, I will advise you to invest in the state of the bank. I mean the bank of your country (e.g., bank of US, Bank of Ghana, Bank of UK, Bank of Nigeria and many more).

4. Avoid buying things that will not add up anything to your life and save money:

The best way to make money can be done through savings. You can save your money in the future; you can use the money saved to start a business. Make sure you don’t buy expensive things because others are buying. Look at some of the billionaires in the world. They are very simple than we ever thought.

5. Be prayerful and faithful to yourself:

Make sure you pray to your God about what you want to attain. Without the help of God sometimes we become nothing. This is the reason why you need to pray and have faith. This can even motivate you more and keep you moving in this world.

6. You can start online business:

Online business such as blogging, vloging answering questions online can also help in achieving your goals. There are a lot of people out there who are making millions of dollars through vlogging and blogging. Blogging is when you write an article and be paid for whiles vlogging is when you make videos to be paid for.


Never rush in life dear if your time has not come. Don’t go for any spiritual assistance and later regret. Stay positive to yourself and make your target in life. Never envy people at all becomes sometimes we do not know their sources of income. Thank you for reading. I hope this article was helpful. You can share your idea. Billonares idea

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