How Technology Affect Teenager`s Lives Positively & Negatively

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How Technology Has Affected Teenager’s Lives in The World (Positive and Negative)

We all know Technology has helped us a lot. The existence of technology was brought a lot of positive impact in the world through machines. For example, with the existence of Technology, we are able to call someone abroad. Through technology, we can travel from anywhere we wish to be. But this same technology, has brought some negative impact on our life. But today is going to expose some of the positive and negative impact technology has brought in the midst of teenagers.

How Technology Affected Teenager`s Lives Positively

  1. Research & Education:

With the help of technology today, teenager`s are able to conduct research easily. Research has become very simple like ABC. With the help of technology, every information that teenagers need, is known to them through the internet. Most search engines such as Google, Yandex and Bing have all the needed details teenagers need in their lives.  Almost 90% of the teenager’s learn from the internet. But have you ever asked how they got access to these great help in the education sector? Well as we said it is all through the help of technology, we have got in our midst today. Most of the lecturers uses projectors, tablet, laptops and a whole lot of machines to teach the teenagers. Is that not awesome?

  1. Entertainment:

When it comes to entertainment, technology has made massive improvement in the lives of teenagers. Some of the social media platforms such as Whatsap, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Likee are all platforms that have helped the youth to entertain their self. Not only the social media, but also through some of the apps and website that helps the teenager`s to have access to all kinds of music and videos. With the help of technology, these teenager`s are able to host parties with the help of speakers. Psychologically, entertainment helps teenagers to release stress and be on their own.  We even got you some of the music in this blog. You can download some after you are done reading this article. In addition, games have also helped the teens in entertaining themselves eg GTA 5, Doctor driving, God of War and many more.

  1. Health Sector:

Well, tech has made some improvements in the health sector of teenagers. Let take this for an example, how do you get information when you are sick and if you do not want to ask anyone?

Probably, you will ask it on google or other search engines like safari. Through the internet, teenagers are even able to buy their own medicine because they get to know what is wrong with them when their sick. But I will advise you to visit the hospital when you are not well.

  1. Transportation:

Hmm how do you go to school if you get yourself to be late whiles there will be quiz conducted? You see how Technology has helped you by the use of cars, trains and aeroplane? Now you can be in school at any time you wish. In the olden days when cars and all those invented machines were not in existence, they walked to school or wherever they wished to be. Technology has helped teenagers in their transportation life without wasting time.

  1. Future Planning:

Teens can now plan their own things in the future with the help of technology. Let take it for an example, teens who want to be billionaires learn some of the steps some billionaires made to be rich. With the help of technology, teens are now able to plan their things and even with technology, they are able to recognize things without someone reminding them. This is done through Google calendars and many more.


How Technology Affect Teenagers Negatively

  1. Sleep quality reduces:

Games, twitter, YouTube and other sociomedical have made the sleeping time of teenagers reduced. This is because, teens are very curious always and they try to figure out a lot of things on the internet. This is not matter of been curious only, but also, social media and games are very influential and addictive.  This has made the teens not to have time to rest. Sleeping less can affect you negatively. When you do not have enough sleep, you will end up having a severe head ache.

  1. Watching unimportant movies and videos:

Over one million teens are addicted to masturbation because of what they have been watching on the internet. Some of these materials includes p*n video’s and pictures. Whenever they watch such videos it sometimes leads to masturbation and sometimes it ends up impregnating people’s daughters. Please if you are engaged in such act then try your best to stop. We can help you out in solve the problem in your journey.

  1. Eye Problems:

The use of Technology, has caused a lot of eye problems on the lives of teenagers today. Many are suffering from eye strain because of over usage of phones and laptops. The light rays of the phone or the light rays of the laptop, destroys the eye when you overuse. Here is the case, most of the teens don’t even sleep because of these gadgets. They don’t even sleep because of it. This affect the youth both mentally and physically.

  1. Unneeded relationships:

Most of the teenagers are dating about four or more people on the internet without even knowing them. What will happen when it ends up one leaving another? Is that not broken heart that he/she will get? This will affect the emotional life of that teenager.

  1. Waste of time:

Infact time wasting is one of the main points I will stand on. Technology gadget such as phone and laptop waste the time of today’s teenagers sometime. Instead of him/ her to do their daily routine, you will see them hanging around social media watching pictures and videos. This will make the work load of that teenager’s parent to be more than before.


Today we learnt some of the advantages and the disadvantages of tech on teens life. What did you learn and what do you also suggest? Bring your view and let discuss in the comment section.

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