How child psychology related To Education and Counselling

Child Pyschology

How child psychology related To Education and Counselling| What Child Psychology Is

Many people have been asking such questions especially the psychologist. Today, is going to discuss with you on how child psychology related to education, what child psychology is and many more. First of all, let take a look at the meaning of child psychology.

What is Child Psychology?

We have many explanations giving to the term child psychology. But know that child psychology is an aspect of Psychology as a whole.

In simple term, we can say that child psychology is the branch or aspect of psychology that studies the social and the mental development of children.

In broad term, child psychology can be explained as the application of psychological techniques to children.

Per the explanation giving to the term child psychology above, we are trying to explain to you that, person who is a child psychologist studies the mental development of kids. They only study children with the help of some of the psychological theories. If you are a child psychologist or if you are dreaming of becoming a child psychologist, then you need to have patience when dealing with kids. This is made systematically so you must be very attentive to the child`s behaviour. Been a child psychologist is not an easy task because children will not be able to tell you everything that is going on in their mind. But if you take the theories and approach in child psychology, it will be very easy for you to help the child to develop their mind.

How Psychology Is Related To Education And Counselling

Education and psychology are very related. You cannot emit psychology from education and counselling as well. Before answering this question, make sure you understand the concept of education, counselling and psychology. When talking about education, it helps in modifying behaviour in a desirable direction. In simple term, education polishes the behaviour of an individual while’s psychology is the study of behaviour.

How Child Psychology Is Related To Education

In our first explanation, we learnt that education is the modification of behaviour in a desirable direction whiles the term psychology is the study of behaviour. Therefore, we can say that child psychology is related to education because it studies the child behaviour whiles education modifies the behaviour. They both focuses on the behaviour the behaviour. One is to polish the behaviour whiles one studies the behaviour. In other for education to make modification or changes on child behaviour, it must first study the behaviour of the child before it changes can be than. This means that education and psychology as a whole depends on each other.  But you need to know that education and child psychology are not the same.

How Child Psychology Is Related To Counselling

Child psychology and counseling is slightly related. First of all, let take a look at the meaning of counseling.

Counselling is the process in which the counsellor assists the counselee to make interpretations of facts relating to a choice or adjustment. The main purpose of counselling is helping an individual to understand themselves and change behaviour. From our explanation we learnt that, child psychology is the branch or aspect of psychology that studies the social and the mental development of children. Child psychology studies the behaviour of the child whiles counselling help an individual to understand their behaviour or themselves. This means that when a counselor is about to counsel a child, he will probably apply the knowledge of child psychology in some of it`s approach. This is because as a counselor, you cannot solve the child problem if you do not study the behaviour of that particular child. Therefore, you must study the child before you can help that child to change behaviour or to help that child to understand themselves.

  Observational Research

Many of our student have been asking what is meant by observational research. Today, is going to help you to understand what is meant by the term observational research.

The term observational research, simply refers to the study of non-experimental situations in which behaviour is observed and recorded or it is a qualitative research technique where researchers observe participant ongoing behaviour in natural situation. There are many definitions approached by many scientists with this research method. Do not worry, you can explain the term on how you understand it to be but make sure that it is close to the one we explained above.

The Strength Of Observational Research

Observational research has many strengths but only few will be discussed here. In our research, it was noticed that, the observational research allows it researchers to observe people’s behaviour when confronted with actual display rather than predicting the behaviour based on the questions or surveys.

  The Weakness Of Observational Research

Many scholars have made mention of some of the weaknesses. Human bias is known to be one of the weaknesses of observational research. In addition to this, the observer cannot know what the subject or individual is thinking and their decision making. It may be difficult to get access to the setting.


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