Easiest Way To Apply For A Green Card Online In Ghana (2021)

Are you wondering about how to get green card towards your journey? Then you are at the right path. Today we will be learning how to get Green Card Online whiles in Ghana or whiles I the USA. But first let take a look at what a green card is.

What is a green card?

From my understanding, a green card is a card that allows foreigners to access permanent residency in United State (US). That means with this green card, you can be at United State for a very long time. Since many Africans do not have this Green Card, they choose to gain their card through marriage. After they marry someone who is a citizen of United State, he or she become a Citizen of United State as well.

What will happen if you do not have green card?

If you are thinking about travelling to US, then I will suggest that you prepare for your green card. This is because, this green card will be requested whenever you move out since you will be suspected to be a bad person or not been a citizen. There are many challenges you might face if you do not have green card. Some of these challenges includes the following.

1. Arrest:

It is very easy that you might get arrested by the security agent of United State. The green card entails your identity/details so if you do not have one it is perceived that you might do something bad in US and leave from the country. It is obvious that some people do lot of bad things such as drug trafficking, selling unauthorized gadget such as guns and fraud. If you get arrested, you will be granted a bail or be in prison for some years.

2. You might be deported:

Not having green card in United State makes you an alien in the country. For them to have their peace of mind they will then deport you to your country. So let say if you are from Ghana and if you have traveled to United State without a green card, you will be sent back to Ghana since they perceive that you did not use the correct way to be in the country.

3. You cannot go out:

As I said earlier, there is a high possibility for you to be arrested when you go out. Because of this, most immigrant stay indoors for a very long period of time. Since the green card might be requested at anywhere, they might find themselves.

Well, there are many disadvantages of not having a green card if you are a Ghanaian travelling to USA or already at United State. This is the reason why myafricaweb is here to assist you on how you can apply for your own green card online. Please note that this is free and it is accepted anywhere you go when at the United State.

Requirement for Green Card Application In Ghana

To apply for green card in Ghana, you will need a valid passport and High School Certificate (optional)

Take note: If you do not have a high school certificate there will be other options for you. They may request your Ghana Identity Card if possible.

Apply For US Green Card 2021/2022 - OYA Opportunities | OYA Opportunities

Anyone who meet this requirement is eligible to apply for green card in Ghana for free. Even if you are disabled you can apply for it providing you meet these requirements mentioned above.

Also, you can make application for nuclear family (Parent and their children) but with the extended family, each is required to apply individually.

Now let take a look at how you can apply for Green Card online In Ghana

Please make sure you read all before applying.

How To Apply For Green Card Online In Ghana

Go through the website for applying Green Card and click on “Begin Entry”. Type the authentication code that appears in the form of image and after click on “submit”.  Do not worry. I will provide the link for applying below so do not worry.

When you are done with the first step, you will be required to enter your details.

Step One: Entrant Details

  • Your Name
  • Date of birth
  • Country you were born in
  • Gender
  • City of birth
  • Country of eligibility for diversity program
  • Your passport details (Name, expiry date of your passport and country)
  • Photograph
  • Mailing address
  • Your phone number
  • Email (…..@gmail.com)
  • Highest education level (Senior High School, University, Teacher training etc)
  • Marital Status (Married or Single)
  • Number of Children

Step Two: Derivatives

 1. Spouse details (Leave it if you are not married)


Date of birth


Birth City of Spouse

Birth Country of Spouse

Spouse photograph

2. Children Details (If you have Children)

Children names

Date of birth


Birth City of Children

Birth Country of Children

Children photograph

After you have successfully filed all these details kindly click on continue and confirm that it accurate. When you are done click on submit. After you click on submits a confirmation notification will be sent to you to confirm submission.  Confirm it once again. When you are done, pop up will show on your screen indicating that it has been successfully submitted. You will be required to print the page.

Click Here To start Your Application

How To Check Your Green Card Status

In other for you to check your green card application form status, click here and click on continue after, type the required details below

  • Confirmation Number (It was giving when you were filling the form)
  • Last/ family name you used on the electronic diversity Visa entry form (Please include the punctuations)
  • The year of birth
  • After type the characters that appears on the image to verify that you are human

Link for Application Click here

Link to check your application Status


Please make sure that you enter legit details of you in other to get verified earlier. This application can be verified withing some days but if you make some errors it might take month or more if care is not taking. You will be giving further instructions to get your Green card. Please Note that this is free. Thank YOU. Goodluck.

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