For Ladies: Avoid these 5 things during menstruation, number 3 can make you barren

Menstruation rukes you must obey as a lady

Avoid these 5 things during menstruation, number 3 can make you barren

Ladies have been doing most of these things but they never knew the outcome. Some even end up thinking their pregnant but they are not but rather sickness. There are many things you should never do when you are in your period as a lady. Do not worry at all, today I am going to help you out with these. Tell a friend to another friend because we do not know what might happen the next hour if they do so. But, if you see that you have been doing these things we are about to talk of in the previous days, kindly stop it because it will cause you harm in future.

Below are some of the things you must avoid doing when you are on your period

  1. Do not take energy drinks:

Dare not at all. Do not even try taken energy drink whiles you are on your period because you will end up bleeding the whole month if care is not taken. Some ladies become very tired and weak when they are on their period so they try to take energy drinks such as rush energy drink and others. Please my dear ladies, do not try this at all because there are some substances in it that will make you bleed.

  1. Avoid taken sugary foods or drinks:

Having menstrual pains is not easy at all. Sometimes the pain exceeds it limit causing the person to become weak. Please make note that when you take sugary foods or drinks, the pains during your menstruation will become more than expected. If you do not want any problem just do not take sugary drinks or foods.

  1. Do not eat cucumber:

This is surprising to you right? Yes, I know it will surprise you as well. When you eat cucumber during your period days or hours, you will not flow well. This is because the sap in cucumber blocks some periods. If you continue with this behavior, you might think that you are pregnant because you do not flow but it not like that. It is because you have been taking cucumber during that time.

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  1. When you are in your period do not work hard:

My dear, no matter what just reduce the work. Already you are losing lot of energy and blood so if you over work, you might end up collapsing because of loss of energy.

  1. Do not take Ice water or chilled water during your period era:

I know most ladies out there do not know about this because they did not know about it. Please from today going, put a stop to it because it will just cloth your blood.  According to medical research, drinking chilled water during your period can cloth your blood remaining in the uterine wall after 5 to 19 years, this can cause uterine cancer.

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I hope this article helps. Thank You For Understanding. If you are a guy, just send it to your girfriend or Wfe to be aware.

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