Fake Job Allert: Guest International Work Scam Work

Fake jobs

Dear youth, there have been some job which is circulating in this country you must notice. They claim to be selling product online and making delivery as well. But that is not the fact at all. This is a total scam. They never sell any goods or whatever they claim to be selling. This is how the thing works. After someone has referred you into the job, they will be requesting 500Gh Cedis from you at the first place. They claim that it is a registration fee. After you have paid that amount, they will be requesting another amount from you for other things. Mind not, by the time you will realize, they will be taken over 1500 from you instantly. After you have done with all these payments, they will be telling you to bring someone into it otherwise you will get sacked or will get no benefit if you do not refer someone into it. This is what have been going through this country that most youth have not noticed of. They call themselves to be Quest International.

Please if by mistake you have entered in this job find ways and means to collect your money back from them because they have been scamming lot of people in this country. Thank You.

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