How to get real bitcoins by playing games | fast payment

Many people have been asking about ways they can make money ways to get bitcoins just playing games. Do not worry at all because this is worldwide and it very legit. All what you need to do is to follow the steps I am about to give you. But note that we will be giving you the possible best ways for you to make money online. Subscribe to our blog below this article and get update. If you do not have bitcoin wallet or account, I will teach you ways to get some of the wallet. Without wasting much time, let start business.

How to get bitcoin wallet for free

Many people have been asking ways to get bitcoin wallet. It just simple so calm down. I will be giving you simplest ways to get bitcoin wallet and even trade with it.

1. Make sure you have internet access

2. After, kindly visit the official website of Coinbase or click here to sign up.

3. After you have sign up with your Gmail, you will now be required to visit your profile and set it up if not, then just leave it.

4. Now, you have created the Coinbase account, you will be able to see your bitcoin wallet number. If you want to see your bitcoin address, just click on receive and hit on bitcoin. This will show your bitcoin wallet address.

Now, we have our own bitcoin wallet so we can head to the next level by generating some cool cash.

Legit ways to earn bitcoins by just playing games

Well, as you know already, I bring to you only legit and verified articles. Please do not doubt it because it is real. This game can be found on both IOS and Android. It is manufactured by one specific company Titled “BLING”. Below are the games that can earn you bitcoins by having entertainment.

1. Bitcoin Blocks:

This is one of the top legit ways to earn bitcoins whiles playing games. With this game, you will be arranging blocks as the name entails.

2. Bitcoin Blast:

Bitcoin Blast earns the second-best way to earn real bitcoins whiles playing it.

3. Bitcoin Pop

4. Bitcoin Food

5. Sweet Bitcoin

These games are all on Playstore and Appstore. You can download them and start making some cool cash through bitcoins. But Click here to earn more..


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