Checkout How Bulama Used Cartoon Photo To Explain Why Nigerian Doctors Are Leaving For Saudi Arabia

In the mid hours of today, Daily Trust popular Cartoonist, Bulama, took to his Facebook page to share with the world a cartoon that captures reasons behind the migration of Nigerian Doctors to Saudi Arabia. Checkout how the photo below captures Bulama’s intention:

In the above photo, Bulama explained that one of the main reason why Saudi Arabia sees Nigerian Doctors as being valuable is because of the poor salary they receive in the country. Secondly, he posits that the health sector is underfunded. Thirdly, their salaries do not cover insurance. Again, he alleges that the Doctors are being owed six months salary. Then, they also suffer poor hazard allowance.

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To Bulama, despite the fact that Nigerian Doctors suffer these, the Nigerian government still, according to some reports, frowns at their migration to other countries. It is noteworthy to remind you that lately, quite a large number of Nigerian Medical Doctors were seen in Abuja for a programme about migrating to Saudi Arabia. According to some interviewed Doctors, they’re leaving in search of greener pastures. Source:

Bulama Cartoons Facebook page.

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