6 Best Online Jobs That Pay Via PayPal In South Africa

South Africa Online Jobs

Online jobs that pay via PayPal in South Africa? Do not worry at all, we are here to help you out. Today, we are going to find out online jobs that pay via PayPal in South Africa. Getting legit online jobs in Africa is very hard sometimes. This is the reason why we are about to help you out in this. But first let review what we mean by PayPal when it comes to the business sector.

What is PayPal when it comes to business sector?

In my own understanding, PayPal is just like an online banking that helps its users to   withdraw their money into their bank account or Visa card. You can keep millions of dollars in Your PayPal account and withdraw it.   Do not worry, if you need a visa card for free, we will help you get one by yourself with just a few steps.

How To Create PayPal Account In South Africa?

Do you really want to get a PayPal account in Africa? Then you are at the right pat. We will help you to get your own PayPal account.

  1. Make sure you have internet access on your phone or laptop.
  2. We will provide link for you to register for the account for free.
  3. When you tap on the link, select business. Please do not select personal because when you select personal account, it might not work for you.
  4. Fill in with the needed information with a legit detail of you. Select the preferred country and your date of birth as well.
  5. You can link your visa card to it when done with it for free.

Here is the link below…

Paypal link

Best Online Jobs That Pay Via PayPal In South Africa?

Well, as we said earlier, we will help you out in getting a legit job online in South Africa. Below are some of the legit online jobs that pays via PayPal in South Africa.

  1. Clipclaps:

At the first article on best online jobs that pay via PayPal in Africa, I made mention of this awesome app. Many will be wondering on how just a mere app related to job but please and please again, you can use this app as your part time job even when you are bored. Instead of watching videos on most of the social media platforms without paying you for your effort, then I will suggest this app for you. Actually, Clipclaps pays for watching videos and these videos includes, YouTube videos, Tiktok videos and many more. For you to start with this app, just download the Clipclaps app on Playstore or Appstore. Registration is free when you have downloaded this app. Please note that referral bonus is one dollar (1$). When you refer a friend too, you will be giving some token. If you are lucky enough, you can earn over five dollars for just referral in a day.

Rules and regulations in Clipclaps

Do not create two account in the name of getting enough money. When you try to cheat the system, Clipclaps team will get t9 know it and might block your account.

Avoid using VPN with the app.

Do not try to patch the app because it will not work.

  1. Survey Monkey:

This is one of the most legit survey jobs that pays their users for giving out some few questions they ask. This is one of the easiest ways the youth make money in the world. This applies worldwide.

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  1. Babbletype:

If you have talent in typing, transcribing, editing or any typing skills, then I will suggest this company for you. They literary pay you ten dollars ($) for just transcription for them in certain minute. This is one of the commonest ways you can gain 50 dollars per day.

  1. Fiver:

We made mention of Fiver in our other article concerning how legit they are. Over here, when you have any skills in editing, website designing, singing, translating or anything you are good at, you can apply for fiver. Even if you are a graphic designer, you can be on fiver and after you will be paid for it. Whenever you get a client, you will be paid in your PayPal account. This is very legit so I guess you should try it put today.

  1. Rev:  is widely known to be one of the best online jobs that pays via PayPal. First of all, you need to visit Rev website to sig up as a freelancer. After then select the kind of job you wish to do with them. It is just simple as ABC. But Note that they pay in weekly basis into your PayPal account.

  1. 3Paymedia: pays you for transcribing and typing. Their payment is very good so as long as you are a good worker, you can sign up 3Paymedia and start earning some cool cash.

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