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Best Jobs in the Azores. There are many jobs in the Azores. And I think you will like these jobs we are going to talk of.  Azores is an Island most people do not know about. It is also known to be one of the hidden Island in the world. The Azores have population of about 1000 on the land. Today we are going to look at some of the jobs in the Azores.

Best Jobs in The Azores| Jobs in The Azores

1. Teaching:

If you can teach, then you can try this while at the Azores. You can do home to home teaching with your studies. Over here, you can gather the kids or whoever they are in groups and start making them aware of your skills. Make sure that you teach the pupil very well to make them understand. Also, don’t forget to crack jokes for the kids to laugh because that all part of teaching. Make your student`s entertained each and every day no matter what.

2. Selling of product:

You can try and start selling something whiles at home. It always good to be on your own boss. Try to start saving and start selling something your people like buying most. This could be toffees or biscuit or even phone accessories (earpiece, air pod, chargers etc…).

3. Dancing teacher:

If you can boggy and if your find yourself in the Azores then I suggest that you can try and teach people then take something from it. Everyone eats from their business so you must ty and do something that will bring to you some earnings.

4. Fishing:

Since the Azores is an Island, then definitely you can try and get some fishes for yourself. If you get enough fishes, you can then sell it at the market and get some cool cash from it. Many are getting some cool cash from this so you can try this as well whiles at the Azores.

5. Blogging:

Well nowadays, the easiest way to make money online is blogging. If you are from Azores, then you can try your hands in this blogging work. All what you need to do is to get internet access and start writing articles of your own self or do something interesting. What I am doing right now is blogging as well but I earn some income from it. It not too much money but it ok for management.

6. Vlogging:

Vlogging is just like blogging as well. But this one is in the form of videos by yourself or your environment. You can even do it without any camera or capturing yourself. Do you know the trick? We are going to teach you how you can do it.

How to start Vlogging Without a camera

i. Get your phone or laptop connected to internet.

ii. Head to YouTube and create your own channel with a unique name or any name you wish to add up.

iii. After creating the channel, get no copyright songs and the add some image or short video to it. Make sure that the music will be part of the editing. You can get no copyright music on YouTube audio.

4. Freelancing:

With free lancing, you will be showing what you can do on the internet. It just like selling your skills on the internet. Let say for an example, if you can create a website, then you will great a gig indicating that you can make a website at particular price. You can charge any amount you wish to charge no matter what it is. This is also great idea to try at the Azores.

5. Affiliate marketer:

Affiliate marketing is also a great idea to start a business at the Azores. With this, you will be selling product on the internet and get paid. Sometimes you can get 30% of the money. This is a very great job to start if you have a website of your own or even YouTube channel. Do not worry if you do not have both website and YouTube channel. You can start it with your social media handles such as YouTube, twitter, Instagram and many more.

6. Guest Post:

Whiles at the Azores, you can start your quest post and sell it. Either you creating the website and selling your post there or you creating content and selling it to other people on the internet or friends. This can be done by yourself at any moment you wish to start it or begin it. Please make sure that you grammar is good at this stage because most of the audience like cool article with a great grammar along. Also, don’t forget to make the article entertaining as well.

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7. Survey and get paid:

With this you will be taking surveys and be paid. They will be asking you some few questions and after pay you for your time. Some of these questions includes where are you from, what your monthly pay, where you were born and many more.

8. Transcribing:

As the name entails, you can try to translate text and get paid with it.  Let say for an example, if a particular text is in French and if you are told to translate it in your language, you will get paid after you have done it successfully. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online whiles at the Azores. You might think it is hard but it is not hard at all. Just go to Google and search for Google translator. After paste the text you are required to translate and change to the language you wish with the use of Google Translator.

9. Graphic Designing:

If you have some skills in graphic designing then you can try this at Azores at well. At Azores, not many people know about this but you can try it out and become successful with it. Even if you are not perfect at that, you can try doing logos and sell it online. Well, the logo you see beneath this website was done by one lady called Favor. She did her best though. So, she can sell it to me if she wishes to do it.

10. Become a Medium writer:

Medium is a popular platform in the world. Almost everyone has heard of medium of which they do not know that you can make money on medium. Just write your articles and get monetized with those articles. Withing some month, you can manage to get some cool cash with those articles.


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