America Success: 8 Reasons Why America Is Leading Africa


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America is one of the most powerful countries in the world. Both in the old days and the new days, Americans were still leading most of the countries when slavery existed. But have you ever asked of the reasons why the Americans are always richer than most of the Africans? Today, we are going to take a look at The Reasons Why America Is Leading Africa. According to the history of Africa, it was seen that Africans were having a lot of mineral resources such as gold, diamond, bauxite and many more but yet, the Americans are still richer than Africans. Actually, sometimes some mistakes depend on the African leaders but not the citizens alone. Without wasting much time, let take a look at how America became richer than other nations (Africa).

America succes over Africa

  1. Slavery:

This might sound someway to you but it is number one truth that people have not realized in the world. In the ancient days that slavery existed, the American leaders used the Africans for working in the form of slave. Many huge things in America are mostly done by the Africans. They used the Africans for their work and project. The leaders in America were very wise for doing such. But at that time, Africans did not know anything and they did not realize what was going on until some of the African leaders came to notice it. It is very interesting for America to have that idea, right?

  1. Mineral resource from Africa:

Another reason why America is richer than Africa is that, the Americans traded the mineral resources of Africans with goods and other materials. Let take Ghana for an example. Ghana was noticed to be one of the best countries with huge mineral resources. Even when it rains, some of the Gold and bauxite will be exposed on the ground. The ancestors of Ghanaian’s did not know the uses of it so the Americans took almost all the minerals from the Africans. Americans then saved the mineral’s for future use. They knew what the gold and diamonds can be used for so they kept it save from other countries. It can be seen that most of the Minerals in America, is from America. But currently, same Americans are now selling the mineral resources to Africans in the form of other manufactured materials.

  1. Technology:

Technology in the earlier days has helped the Americans a lot. Actually, When the Americans started using technology gadget, the Africans did not know anything about it. Africans knew nothing an=bout Technology when the Americans started using the mineral’s extracted from Africa to build technology Gadget. This helped the Americans to develop very fast than expected. Yet still, America leads Africans in terms of technology. For example, the Americans uses robot for manufacturing cars and other things and sell it to Africans. Even though, Africans have Access to those machines but not all can be purchased.

  1. Business:

Great business schoolers are mostly from America. These business tycoons have the required skills in terms of doing business as compared to the Africans. There are many business men and women in Africa as well but not all the needed skills is known.

  1. Unity:

This is also one thing you will realize in the American kingdom. The Americans worked together as one and still, they are together as one team.  There is a proverb that says `You can break a stick of broom but when combined together, it cannot be broken`. This proverb is very true compared to the relationship between Americans. But the truth is, Africans like doing things by their own only. They do not teach their friends to do what they want to achieve together. Due to this, when the person dies, he or she dies with the idea leaving those around him with no skills. This is the time that Africans should come together and plan of building the various countries again. This does not depend on the president and his members alone but the citizens as well.

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  1. Education:

This is where civilization comes in. Due to the early education in America, they got the idea to develop the country at a very fast rate. In addition to that, Africa education is too theological compared to the American education which mostly do practical’s than theory.  Because of that, it has affected the Africans economy. Most of them don’t know anything they are doing but because it is theory, they just learn it and write examination to pass.

  1. Americans believed in themselves and never gave up:

This is one of the secret ingredients behind Americans greatness but it has not been noticed by most of the countries. The Americans believed in themselves and took bold steps. There is a saying that if you are afraid of losing then you shouldn’t try testing. They never gave up upon what they were up to. Whether good or bad, they make sure that they reach there. But Africans sometimes don’t have the courage to do things. Most of them give up easily because of one or two things that someone will tell them.

  1. Religion and Beliefs:

Africans are too religious than the Americans. I`m not saying do not worship God but there is a time for everything. Most of the Africans blame God for what have been happening in their life’s but that not the case. Not everything is spiritual. Due to some superstitious beliefs most Africans have, they are not able to develop in their life. It is good to trust God and believe him as your personal savior but sometimes even God want you to take action. “Heaven helps those who help themselves so if you do not help yourself, how can God also help you?


These are the basic reasons why the Americans are leading the Africans. Dear Africans, it is not still late. Africans can rise up again and become much more than Americans of the organize some things very well in the various countries.

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