6 best foods in blocks island 2021/2022

Blocks Island Best Foods

Blocks Island Best Foods 

Blocks Island is known to be one of the most beautiful Islands. I like this Island because of how the environment is planned. In the year 2010, the population of Blocks Island was not even up to two thousand. But I think the population of this island will increase again after they are counted once again. Because of the few people in that island, the place is very calm and quiet. It is known to be a very peaceful Island. Block Island is located in America in the state of Rhode Island. Today, we are going to take a look at some of the best foods in Blocks Island.

Best Foods In Blocks Island 2021/2022

  1. Fish and Chips:

Because it is an Island, fish is very rampant there. The fisher men are able to dig out most of the delicious fishes to prepare meals. Fish and chips are the most common food in Block Island. You might see it not to be tasty but I dare you. You will bite your hands off when you try it out.

  1. Cuban Sandwich:

Cuban Sandwich is mostly loved by almost all Americans. People love the taste of this food due to it looks and great spices. When talking about Cuban Sandwich, then the kids will always worry you for more and more.

  1. Fritas:

Fritas is very popular food in South Florida but when you go you visit Block Island; you will get various styles of Fritas.  Some of the major ingredient in Fritas is grind beef and onions.

  1. Rice and Stew:

You cannot talk about best foods without adding rice to it. Rice is popular all over the world no matter where you are from. Even in the villages, people harvest rice there and they know it is one of the nutritious foods. Same thing, when you visit Block Island, you will get yourself rice over there. If not rice and stew then it will be jollof. Please know that rice and stew are not the same. They are different things all together but with the same ingredient. When preparing rice and stew, the rice is separate same as the stew. But with the jollof, the rice and the stew are cooked together at the same time.

  1. Pizza:

Pizza is one of the foods everyone likes around the globe. You can’t mention best foods in Block Island without adding Pizza to it. Mostly, the Block Island people takes the pizza with a chilled coke or minerals during the summer periods.  In the winter seasons, individuals in Block Islands do not give up on their favorite food. They still do it and its kind of little expensive when bought online.

  1. Bread:

Bread is the commonest food in Black Island. Many people from Black Island knows how they can prepare this recopied.


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