5 Things women do when they are cheating on you in a relationship

Things that shows that she ischeating on your

Thinking of 5 things women do when they are cheating on you in a relationship? Then you are at the right place. These days, it is very hard to get a legit relationship. Many people fake during relationship whiles others do it real. But for today, we are going to take a look at five things women do when they are cheating on you in relationship. Please note that this is very true with no doubt.

Below are the five things women do when they she is cheating on you

  1. She hardly receives calls around you:

Sometimes ladies behave strange but when she starts hiding some calls from you in your presence make sure you suspect something fishy. Though it all not the calls that you must suspect her of doing something at your back but the way she will talk will indicate on her face. She will be out of words at that instant if you make her pick that call. And even if she picks it, she will be like “Hello, I am busy so will call you later” You will see it yourself that the way she used to be has changed when she gets calls in your present. Sometimes they just put their phone on airplane mood even if you are not doing anything with her. Why should she put her phone on airplane mode? This even indicate that she is suspecting a call that she wants to hide from you. This is one common sign that shows that she has started cheating. Those this is not the major one but it minor.

2. She will never let you have access to her phone:

My dear, this is one of the major signs that she is cheating on you. If you are in relationship, each of you have the ability to access each other’s phone. But when she starts cheating, she will never let you have access to her phone because she knows the kind of messages that she sends. I do care about her privacy but not to the point of not letting you have access to her cell phone or mobile phone. That is somehow fishy. If she did not have anything doing, she will probably give it to you when you ask.


3. She starts disrespecting you:

You will realize that she will start disrespecting you and becomes very stubborn on you. Everything you will say, she tries to turn it into augment. If you say one, then she will be saying two. This is one of the hardest things your friends won’t tell you when you woman starts disrespecting you. You will see a total change in behaviour both inside and outside

4. She does not care about you like first:

Most men wonder why their babes do not care about them again. You will realize at first that, she uses to call you almost everyday without hearing from you, she doesn’t get well. Sometimes she will be asking you why you have not called or answered her call. But when she starts cheating, she will not even bother to call you again nor care about you. Even when you tell her you are sick, she wont even give you a better response. Caring for each other is very important in relationship. You will realize that she starts giving you chilki answers or throw back questions you ask them to you. If there is nothing wrong with her or if you have not done anything to her but she portrays such behavior, then my brother be mindful of it.

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5. She start asking for breakup regularly:

Haa, my dear guys if your girlfriend or wise start talking about breaking up with you then please, I think you need to do something about it instantly. This is one of the major signs that tells that she has got someone else dating or having affair with. Sometimes they start asking these questions “Do you love me, should we break up, what can you do for me” These are all sign that shows that she has started cheating on you.


Dear guys, sometimes it is needed for you to ask her why she has been doing that. May be you have hurt her in oother wya but you aint aware of it. But if she do not give you any tangeble reason and continues, then you must open your eyes very well.

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