5 Best Loan Apps in Ghana (Get Free Money With These Apps)

Free money lending apps in Ghana

Thinking of best loan apps in Ghana with low interest? Do not worry at all because today we are going to assist you to choose the preferred loan app you wish to apply in this year. There are many loan apps which have been circulating on the internet claiming that it is legit but isn’t. We have tried our possible best to help you get your loan as fast as you can withing any possible time. But before we begin, let me take you through other simplest way to get a loan without an app but on your mobile sim card (MTN QUICK LOAN). Let see how you can get MTN Quick Loan before heading to the apps that grant you loan in Ghana.

How to Get MTN Quick Loan in Ghana

  1. Make sure that you have MTN sim card and mtn mobile money registered on it.
  2. Make sure that your sim card is older than 90 days and you frequently buy data bundle or airtime with it.
  3. After you are done with what we just indicated, kindly dial *170#
  4. Select option 5 (Financial Services)
  5. Select option 3 (Loans)
  6. After that select option 1 (Quick Loan)
  7. Choose option 1 (Get a loan)
  8. After that you will be required to enter your mobile money pin to apply for the Quick Loan.
  9. Enter the preferred amount you wish to take from quick loan and confirm.
  10. You will then get a notification indicating that you have successfully applied for quick loan with the preferred amount you requested into your mobile money account.

The steps we gave to you above is to help you get access to mtn quick loan withing five minute. Now, if you did not get or if you did not qualify for the MTN quick loan, we will help you to get loan with these apps we are going to discuss about. Make sure that you pay attention to it very well in other to get access to your loan withing some minute.

Best Loan Apps in Ghana (Latest Update)

  1. Fido Micro Credit

Fido Micro Credit is known to be one of the most popular loan apps in Ghana. With this app you can get your loan in just a day without any difficulties. All what you must know is that you should follow the correct way to get your loan fast.

How to Apply for Fido Micro Credit Loan in Ghana

  1. Open Playstore or visit the official website of Fido Micro Credit and download the app.
  2. After downloading the app, open the Fido Micro Credit app and click on get started

iii. Click on Get a Loan

  1. Enter your mobile number of which you want to receive the amount of money in it (eg. +233248******)
  2. Enter the code that fido micro credit will send you with the number you gave to them.
  3. You will then get a welcome message kindly click on continue

vii. After clicking on continue, click on allow

viii. Enter your details that Fido Micro Credit requested (e.g., name, gender, date of birth and ID number)

  1. After that, click on continue and select your marital status, the school that you are enrolled in if you are a student, dependent and your town in addition)
  2. After you are done filling the forms in the app, you can then get your loan withing possible time.
  3. Make sure that all the information included are legit so that you may get your loan at fast as possible.
  4. Bloomkash

Bloomkash will be the second-best loan app in Ghana. With Bloomkash, you can get about 1000 Ghana Cedis withing some few days or hours. All what you need to do is to follow the correct steps in other for you to get the Bloomkash loan.

How to Apply for Bloomkash Loan

  1. Visit Playstore or the official website of Bloomkash and download the app.
  2. After downloading the Bloomkash app, open it and click on apply now.

iii. You will be required to enter your mobile number of which you wish the loan to be sent on (eg. +2332786****)

  1. After you enter your number, click on next to continue the process (Make sure that you allow it to load and internet access should be on)
  2. Fill the needed details which is requested by Bloomkash company
  3. Accept the agreement of taking the loan.

vii. Withing some days, your loan will be granted to you.

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Ghana Cedis
Ghana Cedis
  1. LendingPapa:

LendingPapa can be classified as one of the quickest online loan apps in Ghana. With this app, you can get up to 5,000 Ghana Cedis withing some few days. All what you need to do is to enter a correct or legit detail in other for LendingPapa team to verify that yes you are not a scammer but rather legit work that you do.

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How to Apply for LendingPapa Loan in Ghana

  1. Search for LendingPapa on Playstore and download the app
  2. After downloading the app, make sure that you register an account with the usage of LendingPapa app.

iii. Fill out the basic information which is needed by the LendingPapa team

  1. Apply for the loan and agree to pay back
  2. Gets your payment in your bank account
  3. repay your loan to extend your loan limit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Read Also:  Make Money Online Withing One Week With these tricks   
  4. UMB speed app                                                                                                                                                With this UMB app, you will be required to have UMB bank account linked to the app. After that, you can simply apply for the loan with the use of the UMB speed app. Payment can be done straight unto your Momo account.
  1. GTB bank Quick credit

This service is just like the UMB speed app. All what you need to have is a GTB bank account linked to the app. You can apply for the loan anytime you wish to get.                                                                                              Read Also: Banks in Ghana with Lowest Interest rate on Loans


If you are getting any difficulties when applying for the loan, kindly comment or contact us to assist you out. Also, if there are any mistakes or any problem you find in this article, make us aware of it for corrections.


You are to pay back the loan after it has been giving to you. Every loan you take is at your own risk and must be paid.

Wish you Goodluck.

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